What Are The Challenges Faced By Vegetable Processing Machine In Their Development?


The output of agricultural products such as fruits and […]

The output of agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables is abundant, and in addition to fresh food, a large part is used for deep processing. The dried fruits, vegetables, juices, jams, etc. obtained from the deep processing of fruits and vegetables are the best choice for people's healthy food. Modern fruit and vegetable processing equipment provide a favorable technical guarantee for the production of these foods. In the future, how will these processing equipment face challenges in the deep processing of fruits and vegetables?

Beverage processing equipment accelerates the development of aseptic filling technology, improves the production capacity of filling production lines, improves the automation level of existing equipment, promotes the automation production line of microcomputer control, and further promotes the application of high-pressure sterilization technology.

The pulverizing equipment strengthens the research and development of key components to improve its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance; strengthens the development of sealing materials, improves its pressure resistance and high humidity resistance, and accelerates the promotion and use of superfine pulverizers.

Juice filtration and separation equipment accelerates the development of large-scale filtration equipment and improves the level of automation. Butterfly separators should be developed in the direction of large-scale and automation to adapt to different material requirements.

Drying equipment accelerates the development, development, improvement of automatic control systems and heat pump technology, improves the performance of drying equipment, develops heat recovery devices, and improves energy efficiency. The sterilization equipment improves the automation level of the sterilization equipment and the reliability of the detection and monitoring instruments accelerates the research and development of the high-pressure sterilization equipment and develops the ultrasonic sterilization technology, the magneto-acoustic sterilization technology, and the pulse sterilization technology.

In the process of  Vegetable Processing Machine  , a large amount of waste is often produced, such as wind and fruit, unqualified fruit and a large amount of waste. In recent years, the world's food processing technology has become more and more advanced, and the research and application of new processing technology and equipment have developed rapidly. Without waste development, it has become a new hot spot in the fruit and vegetable processing industry.