Vegetable Drying Machine Make Drying Faster


Vegetable Drying Machine, also known as multi-layer fli […]

Vegetable Drying Machine, also known as multi-layer flip fruit, are specialized equipment for dehydrating and drying fresh or seasonal vegetables and fruits.

The pure hot air generated by the hot blast stove can be controlled by the hot air temperature of 50 ° C-160 ° C. At the same time, the drying and dehydration methods of heating and drying are performed at the same time, the amount of hot air ventilation is adjusted reasonably, and the multilayer drying box is turned for baking. Drying, making full use of hot air, fast drying and dehydration, and efficient operation.

Scope of application (mainly strips, flakes, granules, lumps and other items with low moisture content) Chinese herbal medicines: honeysuckle, nasturtium, astragalus, salvia, ginseng, codonopsis, raw land, radix rehmannia, atractylodes, mulberry, etc .

Fruits: almonds, dates, peanuts (with shells), longan, walnuts, hawthorn slices, kiwi, fruit slices, fruit and vegetable slices, orange slices, etc.

Vegetables: beans, kidney beans, lentils, eggplant, red pepper, pepper, black fungus, white fungus, papaya slices, bitter gourd slices, mushrooms, cucumbers, etc.

The hot air is enclosed in a drying box, which has high thermal efficiency and saves energy. Force the circulation so that the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the oven is small. High drying yield, fast drying speed, high efficiency of dried products, fuel saving, high thermal efficiency, good drying color. Adjustable air dividers together ensure no monotony. According to the characteristics of vegetables, different technological processes can be selected, and necessary auxiliary equipment can be added.

Fast drying is a more energy-efficient vegetable drying equipment that replaces the traditional dryer 7. Use 35-65 degrees of relatively low temperature drying, dried mushrooms, cucumber slices, beans and other vegetables with excellent, not easy to crack, good color, good nutrition and good fluid replacement.

Vegetable Drying Machine , stable operation and low operating cost. It can stop large-scale continuous consumption and save the nutritional content and color of the product. The inner tank, heating system and circulation system are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, high temperature and moisture.