Vacuum System of Freeze Dry Machine


The moisture in the product can only sublimate quickly […]

The moisture in the product can only sublimate quickly under vacuum to achieve the purpose of drying. The vacuum system of Freeze Dry Machine is composed of freeze-drying box, condenser, vacuum valve, vacuum pump, vacuum line and vacuum measurement component.

Freeze Dry Machine system uses a vacuum pump set to form a strong suction capacity. On the one hand, a vacuum is formed in the drying chamber and the condenser, and on the other hand, the water in the drying chamber is evaporated under vacuum. The vacuum degree of the vacuum system should match the sublimation temperature of the product and the temperature of the condenser. If the degree of vacuum is too high or too low, it is not conducive to sublimation. The vacuum degree of the drying box should be controlled within the set range. To shorten the sublimation cycle of the product, the premise of vacuum control is that the vacuum system itself must have a small leakage rate. The vacuum pump has a large enough power reserve to ensure that the ultimate vacuum is reached.

The hydraulic system of the Freeze Dry Machine is a special device that can press the stopper into the bottle mouth at the end of freeze-drying. The hydraulic system is located at the top of the drying box, and is mainly composed of electric motor, oil pump, check valve, safety valve, solenoid valve, fuel tank, cylinder block and pipeline.

At the end of freeze-drying, the hydraulic stopper system begins to work. Under vacuum conditions, the upper shelf slowly moves downwards to complete the task of product stoppers. Hydraulic oil pumping stations, oil cylinders, etc. are installed on the top of the freeze-drying box. Driven by the hydraulic pump station, the plate layer moves up and down in the fuel tank to facilitate the access and cleaning of the fuel tank.

O-type silicon is used as the seal under the cylinder piston rod. The rubber seal ensures that it does not contaminate the oil or the drug. The piston is sealed with YX polyurethane. The electromagnetic directional valve and hydraulic balance valve transmit signals accurately without vibration and without slipping.