Structural Composition of Freeze Dry Machine


The Vacuum Freeze Dry Machine consists of four main par […]

The Vacuum Freeze Dry Machine consists of four main parts: the refrigeration system, the vacuum system, the heating system, and the control system. According to the structure, it consists of drying oven, condenser, refrigerator, vacuum pump and valve, electrical control components, etc.

The drying oven is a high-temperature chamber that can be cooled to about -55 ° C and can be heated to about +80 ° C. It is also a closed container that can be vacuumed. It is the main part of the vacuum Freeze Dry Machine. The battery core or pole piece is placed on the layer of metal plate in the box. The product is frozen and heated under vacuum to make the moisture in the product sublimate and dry.

The condenser is also a vacuum-tight container with a large surface area of ​​metal adsorption surface inside, and the temperature of the adsorption surface can be lowered to below -40 ° C to -70 ° C, and this low temperature range can be maintained. The function of the condenser is to freeze and adsorb the water vapor sublimated from the product in the freeze-drying box on its metal surface.

A drying system, a condenser, a vacuum pipe, a valve, a vacuum pump, and the like constitute a vacuum system of the Freeze Dry Machine. The vacuum system requires no air leakage, and the vacuum pump is an important part of the vacuum system to establish vacuum. The vacuum system is essential for the rapid sublimation of the product.

The refrigeration system consists of a refrigerator and a drying oven, a pipe inside the condenser, and the like. The refrigerators can be two or more independent of each other, or one set can be used in combination. The function of the chiller is to cool the drying oven and condenser to generate and maintain the low temperatures required for their operation. It has two modes: direct cooling and indirect cooling.