Research Direction of Food Freeze Dry Machine


1.Improve structure, optimize design, reduce costs, and […]

1.Improve structure, optimize design, reduce costs, and reduce energy consumption. Some Freeze Dry Machines in foreign countries do not use stainless steel, but the low-carbon steel coated food can be used to dry the resin, the thickness of the coating is from 0.12 to 0.20 mm, and infrared rays are emitted at room temperature.

The surface of the shelf is coated with a high-performance far-infrared emitting material to enhance its radiation capability, surface treatment of the tray, and enhanced heat absorption.

The tray has an optimal position between the two radiant shelves, rather than an intermediate position, so the design should be optimized.

The structure, size and frosting characteristics of the water trap are more practical, because its cost is almost equivalent to the cost of the freeze-drying box, and the running power consumption is large.

For the lyophilizer, the heating system only supplements the sublimation heat, and the power consumption should not be too high, but the existing equipment is not satisfactory, and the energy consumption should be reduced through structural optimization.

2.Guarantee quality and improve performance. Some manufacturers of Freeze Dry Machines have not been able to put into normal production since they are installed; some lyophilizers can produce, but the energy consumption is too high, the more products are produced, the more money is lost; A failure has occurred, affecting normal production. Therefore, the quality of the Freeze Dry Machine produced in the future must be guaranteed and the reliability is good. Improving performance means enhancing the new functions of the device in addition to heating rate, pumping rate, temperature uniformity, and vacuum stability. For example, to increase the judgment function of the end of freeze-drying, the simplest method is the weighing method. Some people have tried it yet, but they are not very successful. The reason is that there is no mode of leaving the balance and the scale, which makes the installation of small equipment difficult, and the large equipment is cumbersome and unstable. Weight sensors should be developed to give weight changes over time with very small primary components.

3.Development of continuous Freeze Dry Machine , currently produced freeze dryers are batch products, with industrial technology development of surgery, the improvement of people's living standards, consumption will increase, so the development of continuous Freeze Dry Machine, increase the output of freeze-dried products is an inevitable trend.