Purchase & Use Methods of Fruit Drying Machine III


3.2 Adjusting the belt of Fruit Drying Machine The belt […]

3.2 Adjusting the belt of Fruit Drying Machine

The belt tension must be adjusted by the tensioner. If the belt is too tight, it will cause serious wear of the belt. If it is too loose, it will easily slip. Generally, when the two wheels are about 1m, press the middle of the belt with your fingers to lower it vertically by 10-20 mm. Adjust it at any time during use.

3.3 Adjustment of bearing clearance

Proper bearing clearance is an important condition to ensure the normal operation of the bearing. There are two adjustment methods according to different fixing methods. For bearings with fixed inner ring position and adjustable outer ring, the method of adding or removing the bearing cover gasket should be used; for bearings with fixed outer ring and adjustable inner ring, the method of adjusting nut should be used.

4. Maintenance of Fruit Drying Machine

Fruit Drying Machine generally have the highest utilization rate during the harvest season of fruits and vegetables, and are used less frequently at other times, so daily management and maintenance are the key to extending their service life.

The maintenance of Fruit Drying Machine is divided into daily maintenance and quarterly maintenance. In general, daily maintenance should be performed after each drying operation. Check the safety of electrical circuits; check whether the protective parts are loose, and tighten them immediately when they are loose; check whether the bearings are short of oil, and replenish them if necessary. Quarterly maintenance should be performed after each drying quarter is completed. Thoroughly remove the sundries and dust of the machine; completely replace the lubricating oil and grease; check the tightness of the sealing parts and replace with new ones if necessary; For some Fruit Drying Machines that have not been used for a long time, if they need to be stored outdoors, protective measures should be taken.