IQF Freezing Is the Future of Food Preservation


Great progress has been made in the technological devel […]

Great progress has been made in the technological development of fruit and vegetable preservation. However, extending the shelf life does not always mean maintaining the original flavor of the product. IQF Freezing can be a solution to this problem, according to Svetlana Plotean of OctoFrost.

Compared to other methods of freezing or other processed foods, IQF Freezing has many advantages. Svetlana Plotean said that one of the three main advantages is maintaining the same nutritional value: "Especially when exporting fruits and vegetables overseas, sometimes products can take up to three weeks to reach their destination. It means that the product has lost a lot of nutritional value, taste and flavor. This is why our customers use our equipment to freeze products at their place of production. When the maturity of the product is the highest, its nutritional value is the greatest. For better efficiency, the factory is best located next to the field. "

Another advantage of using IQF Freezing is the ability to thaw the exact amount of fruits or vegetables you need for your meal, smoothie, or even snack, while reducing waste. Usually, about 40% to 70% of fresh food is wasted due to improper storage. "In terms of environmental awareness and not wasting food, single-frozen is invincible," Plotean explained. "This means that it is a win-win situation for consumers and businesses. For consumers, it reduces the amount of food Waste can even save money. "Due to climate change and our responsibility to care for the planet, our reduction of food waste is of paramount importance. I expect that IQF Freezing will become the standard for products supplied overseas."

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