Do You Know IQF Freezing


IQF Freezing refers to the quick-freezing of each piece […]

IQF Freezing refers to the quick-freezing of each piece of food separately. It is frozen with other foods that are frozen at the same time. Does not stick and is usually not prepackaged. IQF Freezing machine (single freezer) is a quick-freezer that realizes single quick-freezing. For example, when the shrimps are frozen, the scattered shrimps are input into the quick-freezing tunnel of the single freezer. The shrimps can be frozen and frozen without external packaging, and each shrimp can be prevented from sticking to other shrimps after freezing. There are two types of freezing methods: mechanical quick freezing method and liquid nitrogen quick freezing method. The liquid nitrogen quick-freezing method can quickly lock the moisture of the food and maintain the flavor and weight of the food to the greatest extent.

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