Development Trend of Vegetable Drying Machine in China


At present, China has made great progress in both agric […]

At present, China has made great progress in both agricultural product drying technology research and equipment R & D and manufacturing, and some of the international technologies and equipment are basically available in China. But at the same time, we must see that there are still some deficiencies and problems in China's research and development of Vegetable Drying Machine , especially from the perspective of sustainable development. It is expected that China's research and development of Vegetable Drying Machine will be as follows:

(1) Because the moisture content of agricultural products is generally high after harvesting, the energy used for drying is also relatively high, not only kinetic energy, but also thermal energy. Therefore, with the increasing energy shortage, further research and development of energy-saving drying process technology and equipment and automatic control systems will become the focus of future research and development. For example, in the South, research and promotion of energy-saving air-source heat pump dryers powered by electricity is used.

(2) At present, the energy used for drying and heating of agricultural products in China is still mainly coal-fired. In particular, some hot air drying rooms suitable for drying a variety of agricultural materials are mostly dried by hand-burning coal-fired heating furnaces. Smoke pollution to the air is more serious. However, from the perspective of the future energy structure, with the exception of medium and large-scale enterprises with large scale and high degree of production automation, it is unlikely that China will use a large amount of oil, natural gas and all electricity as drying and heating energy for agricultural products. Therefore, the coexistence and complementarity of multiple energy sources will be an inevitable pattern for the energy composition of agricultural products in the future.

(3) For large-scale processing enterprises, advanced combined processes such as the use of static drying in the early stage of drying, belt continuous drying in the later stage, or static drying in the early stage, and vacuum freeze drying in the later stage can be designed. To improve the efficiency and quality of the drying process. For small workshops, cooperatives, and farmers, air energy heat pump drying equipment can be used, which has the advantages of small investment, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent and convenient, and good quality of dried agricultural products.

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