Current Situation of Freeze Dry Machine for Medicine


The Freeze Dry Machine for medicine has been basically […]

The Freeze Dry Machine for medicine has been basically mature, and the corresponding technical standards have been formulated in China. The pharmaceutical Freeze Dry Machine produced by the manufacturer has been able to replace the imported equipment. Its functions are complete including gland, cleaning, disinfection and other functions. Quality and automation are high, only the moisture online measuring instrument and individual electrical components need to be imported. The food Freeze Dry Machine has developed rapidly with many manufactures. The quality, performance and specifications are different. It has been introduced from abroad in the past few years and has been basically localized in recent years.

At present, domestic food Freeze Dry Machines are also non-standardized products. Most manufacturers are taking imitation roads. Some manufacturers have adopted foreign advanced technology and have made great improvements. For example: Special heating guides are used in the heating plate to make the flow of the fluid in the plate uniform, ensuring uniform and stable heating; the water catcher can alternately catch and melt ice during operation, and the ammonia in the water trap coil.

The refrigeration mode is changed from the traditional ammonia liquid phase change refrigeration to the ammonia liquid phase change refrigeration, which makes the temperature inside the water trap coil uniform and the frosting performance is good. In addition to imitation, domestic research and development capabilities are also improving. Some units have been separated from imitation foreign models. The pumping system uses a low-profile steam jet pump to pump steam, eliminating the water trap and refrigeration system. Equipment prices have decreased.

There are still many shortcomings in food Freeze Dry Machines. Whether it is domestic or imported equipment, its common shortcomings are expensive, high energy consumption, and slow investment recovery. Therefore, reducing costs and reducing energy consumption is the main direction of the food Freeze Dry Machine in the future.