Basic Introduction of Fruit Drying Machine


Fruit Drying Equipment , as the name implies, is a mach […]

Fruit Drying Equipment , as the name implies, is a machine for drying fruits. It adopts the principle of multi-layer utilization of hot air, and is suitable for dehydration and drying of various kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, dried fruits, vegetables and other flakes, blocks, strips and granular articles. The pure hot air produced by the hot air stove can be controlled by the hot air temperature of 50 °C-160 °C. The drying and dehydration methods of heating drying and ventilation drying are carried out at the same time, the hot air ventilation volume is adjusted reasonably, the multi-layer drying box is turned over and the layer is baked. Dry, make full use of hot air, dry and dehydrate quickly, and run efficiently.


1. The drying effect is excellent, the yield rate is 100%, and the dehydration is rapid, completely maintaining the original color and essence of the article.

(1) The hot air provided is pure hot air, and the hot air temperature is provided according to the demand of the article, and is automatically controlled by the set temperature range from 50 °C to 160 °C.

(2) The drying box has a minimum of five layers of structure, which is cycled and flipped, layer by layer, and the maximum degree of artificial sunlight in the simulated sunlight.

2. The combustion chamber of the equipment is separated from the vertical multi-layer drying box, and is isolated. The hot air entering the drying box is pure and no pollution, and there is no fire hazard.

3, a wide range of fuel, wood scraps, coal, natural gas, kerosene can also be used.

4. Fruit Drying Machine is designed separately. The drying layer is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

5. Fruit Drying Machine is developed according to the principle of Chinese herbal medicines. It is dehydrated and dried for traditional Chinese medicine and dried fruits. Other drying equipments are unparalleled.