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Company Profile

Zhejiang Guanfeng Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.


GUANFENG is specialized in manufacturing Vacuum Freeze Dryer(FD), Automatic Continuous Multistage Belt Dryers(AD), Freezing IQF, as well as Fruit Processing Machine, Vegetable Processing Machine, Food Processing Machine equipment. Base on experienced research and development engineers team and professional production team in the food processing industry, in addition to provide high quality equipment, we also provide the overall food processing solution. Our systems have been supplied to companies in Europe, Africa, Asia, America by our company and our partners in the industry. Strong internationalization and worldwide market targeting have lead GUANFENG to be a high-profile company in food machinery industry.

Our production process is precisely structured and divided in phase, thus ensuring top quality of each component. The entire manufacturing and installation process is led by a strong team of engineers that over the years designed and developed our machines to their current features.

Strength of our concepts and top quality of our products are further accepted and satisfied by our clients. GUANFENG is the Chinese leader in the manufacturing of VACUUM FREEZE DYRER for fruit and vegetable. Company with modern manufacturing facility and professional team.

GUANFENG established in 2013, through years of hard work become the leader in the food machinery industry. Owns more than 30 product patent certifications, also obtained ISO9001, CE, SGS etc certifications.


  • Manufacture and installation on food processing
  •  An outstanding high-tech innovative enterprise
  • The lead in passing ISO9001-2008, CE Certificate
  • Obtained more than 20 national patents through efforts. 
  • Always being customer-oriented, we not only widely used in Southeast